Speak from the heart. Your life, told in your voice.

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Track your mood & activities


Build a habit of self-reflection


Record your dreams


Listen back to the moments that matter.

The Pointo voice journal app allows you to track your emotional state

Talk it out

Pointo combines talk therapy, journaling, and body-mind therapies.

See clearly your feelings and thoughts.

What people say

Therapeutic and my FAVORITE app to use when I’m feeling really happy or sad

Diane Rodriguez

I love this app it’s great to work with especially when you are feeling super depressed and wanna find ways to work on yourself

Sonita Jimongkonkul

Really amazing concept. Listening to my thoughts helps me process them so well. My mind is always racing so I can never remember what to write fast enough to write.

Rachel Robins

Fantastic app, I can calmly say my thoughts without having to write it down.

Fnn & Yuko

Really enjoying this app. Nice and simple. Helping me through some tough times.

T. F.

Calm minimalist design

Create your mindful journal today

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